What You Must do to Impress Your Preferred Record Label

to Impress Your Preferred Record Label
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Sending a demo CD to various record labels in the city could kick-start your career in music. On the other hand, the fact that almost all budding musicians do this will not create such an impression on the part of the record labels. Therefore, it is important that you do more to stand out from the crowd and win the desired record deal. Sending the demo CDs repeatedly will not guarantee success, but learning how to impress the record labels will work wonders for you.

The demo CDs might work for you, or not. A good demo CD could do the trick. A bad demo CD will definitely close the door right before you get the chance to make a proper presentation to the record label. In that case, what steps must you take to create the right kind of impression on the record labels?

  1. Professionalism

Whether you are a budding musician or a veteran, professionalism is vital for the success of your career. Before sending out any demo CD, check that it attains the technical standards that interests record labels. It would be wrong to record the demo CD in a bathroom or garage before sending it to the record labels. Invest in the proper recording equipment. If you do not have such equipment, look for a music producer (even if it is a friend) to offer some assistance.

  1. Best-Foot-Forward Approach

Gone are the days when an executive at the record label would hear your demo CD, and shop at your door with the contract ready for signing. These days, budding musicians have to do the searching and knock on doors. To impress the record labels, submit a video component with the demo CD. Through the video, the record label will learn more about your personality, appearance and performance, which are all just as important as talent.

  1. Including a Credential Booster

A credential booster is like a CV. Submit a credential booster together with the demo CD. A concise biography detailing some of your accomplishments as well as training that you undertook to boost your music career would also impress the record label. Pick and include only the best of your musical journey to add to the credential booster before submitting to record labels.

For these reasons, do not hesitate to embrace the aforementioned approach in order to see your demo CD creating a huge impression among various local record labels. With this approach, you can also impress some of the internationally known record labels and win the deal that you have always desired. More importantly, a willingness to obtain help from experts to make it much easier to create the desired impression with the record labels would aid your course considerably.

Therefore, begin identifying some of the experts that can help you and contact them today. Let them know that you want to impress specific record labels. Ask them for inside information, if they know any, regarding the sort of quality of demo CDs that the record labels are ever looking for from new artists. With such knowledge, and being as professional as possible, submit the demo CD and wait for a positive feedback.…

What is the Key to the Success of your Music Career?

Key to the Success of your Music Career
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A successful music career does not just come about, but is the result of adequate preparation and plenty of hard work. Music industry is full of thousands of people who want to succeed, but not many do so. A career in the music industry is nowhere near a picnic. Success in this industry might translate into increased fame and wealth, but none of these comes easily. To succeed, you need the right attitude in addition to other factors.

What kind of attitude must you portray to succeed in your music career?

  1. Sharpening the Talent

Possessing the right talent will not always translate into a successful career. The fact that you have the talent does not guarantee success. Having the talent is one thing; sharpening the talent is what will drive you to success. Sharpening your talent requires learning new skills that would make your music career to soar. It is vital that you do the work required to excel in your chosen trade or career. Rejection when starting your career should not make you lose heart.

  1. Connecting and Networking with Others

Networking is crucial to the success of your career in the music industry. Talent will help you in this industry. However, networking and developing proper relationships with other people in the industry will take you further than you ever imagined. Focus on building or improving not only the quantity, but also quality of your relationships. In this industry, your success depends on who you know just as much as it does on who knows you.

  1. Appreciating that Music is Business

Learn to treat your music career as a business. Invest in the talent. Invest in education to improve your talent. If you approach the career with this attitude, identifying the many opportunities and taking advantage of them would not be difficult. It is a fact that many businesses are willing to make use of music for advertisements and other purposes. With the right mindset, you can avoid approaching this career with the traditional mindset and explore new opportunities.

  1. Embrace Versatility

Embracing versatility would mean trying different styles. While starting out, do not be afraid to try out new styles and wear more than one hat. It might be wise to take up non-music opportunities to compliment what you earn through music while ensuring that you continue meeting your financial obligations properly. Some of the tasks you could attempt include playing music at social gatherings and writing a commercial jingle or organizing a concert.

More importantly, do not have the wrong attitude where hiring a manager for your music career is concerned. Some of the tasks require somebody with experience in managing artist in the music industry. Limit yourself to the actual music. Limit yourself to improving your actual music skills. However, this does not mean that you should be ignorant of what happens in the music industry considering that it is a business, and you are the owner.

If you follow this guideline and work on improving your attitude where music is concerned, achieving success in such a highly competitive industry would not be an impossible task. Work on your attitude, approach music professionally while forming and developing relationships or networks within this industry and you will …

Why You Should Invest in Learning to Draw Cartoons

Invest in Learning to Draw Cartoons
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Learning to draw cartoons is often something that parents encourage their young children to do. It is rare for a grown man or woman to consider drawing cartoons as a career. An adult who learns to draw cartoons will probably do it as a hobby and purely for fun. Learning to draw cartoons well can earn you plenty of money, which could come in handy during the days when you seem to have too much month remaining at the end of your money.

It is possible to draw cartoons purely for the entertainment value. You could draw cartoons while sitting at a nearby restaurant in the company of your friends. You can draw cartoons and post them on any of your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This way, you will see an increase in followers on these social media platforms, which you can then monetize to earn that extra dollar.

The demand for excellent cartoon artists is on the increase. As a cartoon artist, you can specialize in tattoos and make a decent living out of your trade. Body painters are among the most sought after artists right now. Specialists in face painting must be capable of drawing cartoons. What this shows is that there is no shortage of opportunities available for you after learning how to draw cartoons.

Drawing cartoons requires plenty of creativity. Since this is a form of art, you are free to draw the cartoons in any style. Therefore, you should not be afraid to put your creativity to the test. Never get tired of improving your skills while drawing cartoons. You could seek employment with newspapers and magazines. You could also look for opportunities to put your cartoon drawing skills to great use among authors.

Motion pictures require people skilled in drawing cartoons. The number of full-length cartoon or animation pictures coming out of Hollywood today has increased outstandingly. Creating cartoon or animation wallpapers has increased a notch as well. Communication experts need the help of cartoons to pass the right message across during seminars, trainings or workshops, thus would have no problem hiring you for this task.

In fact, drawing cartoons has no limit in terms of minimum or maximum salary. You can earn as much or as little as you want. As a cartoonist, you will never have to worry about shrinking job prospects. You can draw cartoons and work as a freelancer. This way, you are free to set your own schedule or work freely from home. Working as a freelancer enables you to work for multiple employers or organizations and make a decent living out of it all.

Drawing is akin to writing in that if you can learn to do one, then learning the other will not be too much of a problem. Learning to draw will enhance your hand-eye coordination. Your observation skills will also improve substantially. The improved hand-eye coordination as well as enhanced observation skills will prove hugely beneficial in whatever profession or career you decide to pursue.…

New Items that Star Wars Fanatics Will Find Irresistible

New Items that Star Wars Fanatics Will Find Irresistible
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Walt Disney plans to release the newest sequel to its Star Wars fraternity – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In light of this news, many Star Wars fans are willing to invest in items that will keep reminding them of the love they have for this sequel of films. Some of the items that you need to acquire in preparation for the release of the new Star Wars sequel include the following:

BB-8 Droid

It is worth mentioning that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will hit the movie houses in December 2015. The sequel will be the 7th installment in what has been a highly successful saga. BB-8 droid provides fans of Star wars with the opportunity to stop imagining and own droids, which make an appearance in The Force Awakens, as seen in the trailer.

The new Star Wars device comes fitted with a battery whose life is not less than 60 minutes. The Star Wars fanatics can issue voice commands to the droids, thus gaining complete control. The user can control the droids through an app on tablets and smartphones. Users can move the droid around, but only in an area not exceeding 30 meters in diameter through the Patrol mode.

Millennium Falcon Drone

With nothing more than a remote, it is now possible to control the Millennium Falcon Drone, which has undergone adaptation for real life. You can now imagine steering the drone through a bevy of asteroids much like what Chewie and Han have been doing effortlessly in the previous Star Wars movies.

Kylo Ren Lightsaber

This device comes with crossguard blades. The red lightsaber is not a new device, as you would have learnt by observing what evildoers in Star Wars movies have been doing. The new lightsaber is Kylo Ren’s weapon of choice. Kylo is the new villain in the Force Awakens. Whether you like or hate the lightsaber is not the issue. Owning ought to be your priority.

Darth Vader Force Glove

With the magnetized glove of Darth Vader, you would have no problem pushing and pulling items near or far depending on what you desire at any given moment.  You will now be able to match and do what Sith Lord did in Star Wars. You could also opt to use the force glove for good after going through the user manual with which it comes.


If there is a Star Wars item that the movie fanatics wanted to see released much earlier, this has to be it. With this new device, you can now impress your friends with the ability to make Star Wars games as well as other diverse types of Wookie sounds. The device also allows you to sample some of the virtual games that it has.

Watch a past short preview of the movie below.


Therefore, do not worry about the types of items seen in Star Wars to buy. With the aforementioned items, you will have no problem proving that you are indeed one of the Star Wars movie fanatics. Buy these items before they run out of stock today and be ready for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.…

Ride the Tiger Event, Hosted in Boston Rock Lounge on 22 January 2014

Ride the Tiger Event
Credits: pixabay.com

Attending Bands:

  • A Fate Like Yours
  • Guns Go Bang
  • Execute the Wounded
  • Last Man Standing

As usual, once arriving at most alternative venues, the smell of “stale booze and cigarettes” hangs in the air.  The smell of good times passed, I guess…. I’m surprised to see so many people there so early on a Friday night.  I mean, the sun is still shining!

Upon arriving, I have a chat with Chris Richards, the young man responsible for organizing tonight’s event, and also one of Guns Go Bang’s vocalists.  He informs me of the swap-over of band members due to their one guitarist’s rather unexpected departure, and also of the surprises his band has in store for us all.  My mind starts ticking as I think to myself “How the f**k are they gonna pull this off?”  Being very close to the band, I wander off, apprehensively, and ponder over the info given to me, while finding a place to hang out where I can hear and observe (which is a major challenge since losing my glasses) the bands.

I see the 1st band already on stage and my excitement begins to grow…

19h41 A Fate Like Yours (5 piece) begins sound check.

20:00 promptly, their set starts.  I have a personal preference for more than one vocalist, so seeing this, they already have my attention.  They announce to the slowly accumulating crowd that this is only their 10th live gig!  I think to myself, “OMG, what have I got myself into?” Yet as they continue to play, I find myself bouncing up and down like a recycled teenager.

Their music is energetic and attention grabbing, as are their two vocalists.  They remind me very much of Rebuked.  I always warm to a band that intro’s their songs, which these boys did.  Just a little under a half hour set, but yet they manage to hold their crowd’s attention, cameras popping up all over the place, proves my point.

Screams, Grunts and growls cannot be faulted, but clean vocals need a little bit more work as there is very detectable wavering.  Vocalists blend nicely and the band works well together. I would personally like to see the guitarists liven up a little more, but I suppose they need to concentrate on their playing rather, and this will come with time and practice.  Mr. Drummer boy is dynamic and although one cannot see him, we cannot help but know he is there!

I develop respect for bands that announce where interested parties can listen to their tracks, and they score yet another tick on my mental marking pad. Plus more bonus points for apologizing for technical glitches during their second last song, and a gold star for thanking the crowd for their support.  They ended off on a bang for Guns Go Bang scheduled to play next!  J
(End time 20:26)

Well, well, well, anyone who knows me or has read my previous reviews, will know that Guns Go Bang can do no wrong in my eyes – like ever, and knowing that things are not going to be as they usually are for tonight and Thornfest, my heart starts racing as I walk outside to breathe in some (somewhat) …